The trip goes to Mandø...
With the tractorbus:
Regular connection to the mainland is operated by a special vehicle.
With the tractorbus you will be able to come to Mandø, even when the tide is high tide.
The bus run from the mainland to Mandø and back again. The bus run only on the two established roads Mandø Ebbevej and Låningsvejen.
The blue bus:The Mandøbus / MandøBussen
The green bus: Wadden Sea safari / Vadehavssafari
By own car:
The trip through the Wadden Sea is through the dam with gravel coating called Låningsvejen.
Note: do not drive on Ebbevej
You can drive as long as the water level is no higher than +50cm.
Alternative you can get information about the tidelevels at Mandø store: +45 75 44 51 02 (09:00 - 21:00)
Automatic announcement of the current tide: +45 75 42 29 24
Mandø Brugs | VAT number: 63482528 | Mandø Byvej 1, Mandø, 6760 Ribe - Danmark | Phone: +4575445102